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Our Commitment

The Best IT Consulting Service


We are committed to delivering skilled and prompt IT services to corporate businesses, government organizations, BFSI, manufacturing, education, defense, and more. Our personalised approach aims to win customer confidence and encourage ever lasting relationships.

Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we engage with clients at every stage – starting from planning IT requirements to implementing customized infrastructure. We provide on-site functional and technical support to resolve any troubleshooting issues that may arise as customer utilise their new IT systems.

Our goal is to foster enduring friendships and business partnerships by ensuring an excellent customer experience. We take pride in helping customers maximize the value of their IT investments through our responsive support and depth of knowledge across industries. Our commitment goes beyond the technical – we aim to understand each of our customers unique needs and challenges to deliver the best possible solutions.


BTPL Promoters

BTPL is spearheaded by two vibrant and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, Mr. Gopi Menon and Ms. Girija Menon, who bring a fresh and energetic leadership style to the realm of office automation, information technology, and consultancy. Their expertise spans a comprehensive suite of services, including IT infrastructure project development and management, IT audit and compliance solutions, IT security setup, security surveillance systems, access control systems, audio-video conferencing setup, and a broad spectrum of other IT-related services.

Mr. Gopi Menon, with his robust technical background and a keen ability to grasp customer needs, complements Ms. Girija Menon’s exceptional financial acumen and experience. Together, they form an unparalleled duo, whose synergy not only drives the organisation towards innovative solutions but also ensures reliability and trustworthiness in every customer engagement. Their combined strengths position BTPL as a dependable partner in navigating the complex landscape of IT and office automation solutions.

The Team

A Team You Can Rely On

Unlike most IT consulting firms, we have experience across hardware, software, and services. We pride ourselves on a proven track record of effectively managing multiple location implementations within client budget and timeline restraints. Having worked with numerous customers across industries, we understand how to fulfill their IT requirements for business.

Our professionals are dedicated to collaborating with clients to provide responsive solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our hands-on experience across the IT spectrum enables us to advise strategically on how technology can accomplish their business objectives. Our passion is helping clients leverage technology investments to maximize efficiency, productivity, and success. Backed by a proven consulting method, we ensure all solutions meet key requirements within budget and time constraints for superior satisfaction.