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Cloud Computing or Cloud Server

Cloud computing can be described as an on demand availability of server hardware resource that can host software applications, software development platforms and various data over the internet, often referred to as the "cloud server".


Characteristics of cloud server that are common across cloud-computing vendors & data centers:
  • The hardware is completely managed by a cloud vendor.
  • The charges paid are only for services or resource used.
  • The hardware is elastic in nature meaning the hardware is scalable based on the requirement.
  • One of the very important feature is burst computing, when there is a sudden peak power requirement of resource for a temporary period cloud server is capable of delivering it instantly.
  • Cloud services proves more economical as the resources and operational cost are shared among multiple clients.
  • There are uptime SLA commitment by the cloud vendors.
  • Data Loss due to hardware failures are negated due to availability of backup services.
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