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Data Security & Leakage Prevention (DLP)

Data Security is a process of protecting files, folders,  data and information of an individual or an organisation stored digitally on a server connected to a network that are of relative importance.


Data can be protected by various techniques using software application, hardware appliance or a combination of both. There is no one specific techniques that can be considered as being better than the other. A detailed study needs to be conducted to understand the sensitivity of data and information that needs to be protected. The security techniques that can be adopted based on the level of security required to protect the data. A risk analysis can also be conducted between the sensitivity and confidentality of the data vis a vis the costs. It is important to understand that security will come at a cost and will require the budgets to be altered.

Implementation of Data security techniques is a security practice which by itself does not assure a 100 % safety net but is one method of evaluating and reducing the risk that comes with storing data which are accessable to more than one person.

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